Navigating the world of video ads, television commercials, brand campaigns, financial strategy, and corporate strategy can be challenging. Even more so, the cost of producing media content that stays true to your mission, vision, product, or service can be daunting. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs, budget, and overall goals for your business. We are here to find what works best for your brand or business!

Our Story & Process

Who We Are

Iacon Media is a digital multi-media agency under the Iacon Group. The Media division of the Iacon Group specializes in developing, producing, and delivering a multitude of digital media services that include video, television broadcast, streaming, and multi-camera production.

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Every project at Iacon Media first begins with a comprehensive breakdown of the project. Our team develops an executive summary that outlines project parameters, timeline, budget, and delivery, ensuring every project is completed in a timely manner with the best quality end product possible.

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Principal Photography

Once the development phase has been completed shooting can begin. We ensure every project is adequately planned and executed. Iacon Media knows every project is a significant investment. Building trust, delivering a quality product with a premium experience for our clients is our primary focus.

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Post Production

Iacon Media offers a full suite of post-production services. Some of those services include cutting, mixing, mastering, animation, color correction and special effects. Data redundancy and security is at the center of our post-production operation, ensuring a safe and reliable editing process.

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Delivery & Distribution

Whether it's broadcast television, online streaming, or a building facade, Iacon Media offers a multitude of delivery options ensuring your media is formatted properly for your audience.

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Our goal is to simplify and de-stress the process of how our clients get engaged with video content. The production process can become overwhelming and messy very quickly due to many complex moving parts. That is why we are focused on taking the burden off of you and your business. You should be able to sit back, relax, and watch your competitors drule at your stellar media content!



Let’s be real, in today’s landscape, your content needs to make an impact! We’re dedicated to delivering premium-quality media that truly embodies your brand, business, or organization on a grand scale. So, how do we achieve that? By leveraging Hollywood-grade production equipment, techniques, and expertise. From utilizing cinema cameras and drones to techno cranes… we have what you need!


Video Production

Videos for small-medium sized businesses, museums, none-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Corporate Media

For corporations who need consistent high-quality media for internal terms or external clientele.

3D Projection Mapping

Specialized 3D shows projected on buildings and skyscrapers delivering a unique visual experience for audiences.

TV Commercials

Tailored for clients who need 15 second - 2 minute commercial spots tailored for television broadcast distribution.

Fashion & Brands

Tailored for designers, artists, and musicians who need to create pristine digital content both live and online.